Lucky Is I

Brown Eyes sm
“Brown Eyes”

Lucky Is I 
I can hear your smile when you call
I can even smell the color of your voice
It is reminiscent of my waking dreams
filled with yesterday’s anticipations
the promises of tomorrow’s infatuation
and the sun that shines only when you …

If not for symphonic melodies in my head
images transforming themselves into you
my day, today would have been dreary and apathetic

Lucky is I ’cause
I know the source of all my feelings
But I am uncertain and guarded
because I know
every now and then
I tend to fantasize
                                            c. lee


Image & Poem

“Sometimes art becomes words – other times words become art”   me

Face Off

“Face Off” 
embarrassing naïve
innocent jealous
altruistic intolerant
myopic moments
free of apology

tumultuous evolution
intimate roots
kinship imperceptible
surviving time

Solo Me - Yiou.jpg
“Solo You”      “Solo Me”       (2 piece set)

empty days
cold weekends
when missing someone

Words and images Cecil W. Lee

“I C U” a poem

Orlando Storme small

i c u
coming into my wurl
making sweet meow sounds
trying to dominate my life

i c u
talking about your body like i can’t see
moving your hips like i should feel them
to get the angle of your curves

i c u
asking for locks of my nappy hair
collecting pieces of my clothing
keeping them in jars

i c u
chanting incantations about us
just because you made up your mind
when you made up your bed this morning

well i c u
and i hear you
but i have to be myself
although, i know
you can be powerful too



Episode # 148

…   My body froze in mid-turn. She was laying there on her back, arms sprawled across the other half of my bed. A single exposed breast, contrasted against my blue sheets. Her areola, like chocolate, I carefully kissed, not to wake her up.

Episode #148
Episode #148 C. Lee

One does not want to disturb beauty when it sleeps. She made a sound, her mouth partially open I could see her teeth. I was tempted and wanted to show my appreciation in the form of an affirmation. How do you say I love you to a stranger? I leaned over, put my lips to hers and gently inserted my tongue.



How Magic Helped One Writer

This is a story of a man who experienced what Stevie Wonder could have meant when he wrote, “If it’s magic then why can’t we make it everlasting, like the life time of the sun.” Those words reminded the man of when his self-awareness was surrounded and protected by the innocence of his childhood. When he read stories filled with wondrous and magical feats and his fertile mind believed every word. A plastic toy Indian and cowboy on horses were common toys in his day. He and they were able to jump over invisible hurdles, climb the highest mountains and win insurmountable battles.

As he aged, the magic and adventure that once brightened his day disappeared as he became cognizant of other realities. His imagination became stifled when he realized there was no boogieman, toys were no longer his friends and of course, the cowboy did not and should not always win. His new reality contained no magic only insights into teachings like all living things die forever, except when through religion where there are exceptions or the reality that humans are not clairvoyant, and that there will never be time travel because if there were we would already know, so he was told.

Those issues created a dilemma for him and he found himself in a reality void of the imaginative adventures he enjoyed so much. One day he made a simple decision, a mustard seed size decision that changed his attitude toward life forever. He decided he no longer wanted to abide by preconceived ideas that dictated his life. So one dark stormy evening he went out for a walk and in a sense became NEW. He ignored the concept ingrained in his head since childhood that cold damp weather was somehow unhealthy and too uncomfortable for roaming. Feeling there was nothing to lose and possibly something to gain he dressed in raincoat, hat and boots and challenged the storm.

As he anticipated the walk added adventure to his evening, energy to his gait and sparkles of excitement to his eyes. At the time he did not notice but during his walk, many fears and inhibitions that never benefited him were washed away. He experienced a silent bliss in the form of an imaginative period of freedom in which he took control and began a magical journey toward becoming the man he will choose to be, leaving behind what society and civilization had made of him. He is now unsure if his life will be everlasting, like the lifetime of the sun. But, he knows it will be magical like the innocence of a child.

NEW Inner Space“Birth of NEW” C.Lee

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Cure for Writer’s WATT Syndrome

fter considering the numerous worries both new and experienced writers have, I have found many writers suffer from a vile affliction when there exists an eliminator, in a sense a cure for the WATT Syndrome utilized by many, if not all successful writers, at one time or another in the careers. First, let me qualify what I mean by success. Success does not necessarily mean money, book sales or notoriety. There is only one word, which represents a universal concept of success, and that word is gratification. A goal to achieve an objective is a quest for gratification. What is your goal?

Here are a few examples of the WATT “Worry About This That” Syndrome

This blog would not be of much value if I, although a writer newly taking the craft seriously, did not offer my opinion on how one can go forward without self-imposed unproductive issues inhibiting their writing experience.

First things first, let’s develop an opposing term to the WATT Syndrome. The term must allow for the elimination of our pre-conceived concerns enabling us to approach the writing process with less apprehension. I suggest using the acronym “FI!” and call it the “FI! Attitude” Keeping the explanation mark of course.

Once adopting the, “FI! Attitude” by default your psychological perception of writing, even if only temporarily, will be liberated from restraints. You will find the ability to spend an enhanced and lengthened amount of time in that highly sort after magical area called “The Zone”. This will become obvious as the “FI! Attitude” eliminates concerns that would normally limit your imagination. The initial assembly of your story then becomes a more intuitive and spontaneous experience.

Before we get into the process, I would like offer recourse if the FI! Attitude is not sufficient to keep you on track. Break down the acronym FI into its derivation, say the words out loud and keep on writing!

There is a simple two-step process that has helped me. First, let us forget about being a writer. tell a story, fantasize, don’t be afraid to be extravagant. Forget grammar and spelling, they have nothing to do with your actual story, just say FI!

Step One
Since you already have a premise for your story, for as long as you can, write your ideas as if telling someone the story in an abridged version within two pages. Don’t be too concerned with stopping to think, but if you do, let it count for leaps in the story line. At this point, even your characters can be referred to as he or she, mother, boss etc. Also, do not be overly concerned if your sequence is out of order.  Save that for Step 2.

Step Two
Now that you have a page or two, maybe more, of your story. Begin creating an outline of its contents. This could be as simple as Beginning, Middle, and End. You can always search the internet using a term similar to “creating outline for …”

Wa-da-tah, that’s my theory. Do you have another? If you try this one, please come back and let us know how it worked out for you.

C. Lee
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